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We put out the request for Louisville fans to tell us where they would be watching the games Friday and (confidently) Sunday. You're everywhere. So here's to you.

Sam is way out on the West Coast on Mercer Island, Washington. It's near Seattle.

Here's what Sam had to say: "My wife has 20-bucks in a pool at work and she thinks she's a big-time gambler. I did give her the Cards to win it all and my picks on her sheet are doing well."

Tommy said the alumni group up in the Big Apple would be watching. He said: The University of Louisville Alumni - Metro New York Club will be hosting game watch parties at The Hill (416 Third Ave) in Manhattan. Go Cards! He sent me some photos from the Friday gathering. I will be posting those shortly. If you are going to be in NYC on Sunday, look them up. Also, he sent me a video yesterday that is posted on HERE
Jon is over in Evansville. He says there are a lot of Cats fans in the area. He said: I just moved to Evansville from Louisville in June of last year. I cant figure out why everyone here loves the Kentucky Wildcats. More so than the Hoosiers!!! Louisville is closer than Lexington with more ties to the team and this town. This is the best time of the year. I took Thursday and Friday off from work just to watch basketball. Trying to get my hands on some tickets for Indy next weekend.
Mike, down in the warmer weather of Panama City, Fla., said he doesn't have anything special planned but would be watching the game and hanging his banner. He sent me a couple photos. I asked him to show some palm trees, just make us envious. Here's his pics: HERE and HERE Thanks Mike!
James in Rockville, Maryland, is not quite sure where he will be watching: At home or maybe with the alumni club in the area. He had this to say, obviously before the late game last night: After having to play UNC in Charlotte last year for the right to the Final Four, it appears we will have to take on OSU in Dayton. Hopefully lots of Card fans scalp tickets this year, becuase it was like playing in Chapel Hill on Senior Day last year! GO CARDS Guess your bracket may be a little hurting.
Closer to home, T.S. over in Versailles (that's Kentucky - in Cats' territory) says everything stops in his house at game time.
David, down in Memphis, has Tiger fans to cope with. He says: As a UofL alumnus, my U of Memphis friends and I are hoping for a classic matchup between the ' Ville and the Tigers in the national semifinal on April 4. The only thing better would be Louisville v. Memphis for the National Championship.
A BIG Texas howwwwdy to Tracy down in San Antonio. She said she would be at a rodeo on Friday, but would still be watching the Cards. On Sunday, she'll be at a local Ice House.
Kenneth, down in Atlanta, watched the game on his computer and company's HD TV on Friday, and will be relaxing at home on Sunday.
Brad is down in Big Red territory (Bowling Green) and is hoping for a U of L - WKU match.
If the ZIP code is right, Bill will be watching from is favorite chair down in Merritt, Island, Fla.
Mark is up in Irish territory - South Bend, Ind. - He says: Chances are I will be watching on my 17 inch computer monitor from MMOD instead of my big screen TV because I don't expect it to be the game shown here. Actually, I'm not bitter but grateful I have that capability.
ZR says they moved to San Mateo recently and has not had a TV. They couldn't stand it: We moved to California late last year and decided not to have a TV. We went without a television for 6 months but recently got one so we can watch the CARDS go all the way!!!!!!!!
Cheryl is in Western Pennsylvania, south of my hometown in Erie --- based on her Zip code. She says they love the cards. Watch out for those Panthers --- you're getting close to their territory.
Justin is down in Tar Heel and Duke country - wow. You must have it tough. Hang in there. Do you wear your RED proudly. Do you get lip about it?
And of course, thanks to everyone right here in The 'Ville who said they will be watching around town at Beefs, BWs, and other such places. Brad, Paula, Carol, Bill, Korey, Jay, Jeff, Todd and Lindsey. If I missed some of you, my apology. Thanks for your notes. If you shoot some photos or video, post them here on rednbluefans. Let others know what you are up to.

And if you want to give your own shout out to fans you know, or tell others where you are watching, you can add your comments to this post.

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Comment by RednBlue_Admin on March 22, 2009 at 10:23am
Eric, do you have a Card shrine, Car flag. If you do, send us a photo.
Comment by Ernie Muppet on March 22, 2009 at 1:10am
I motored over to Findlay, Ohio, and saw my Knights get robbed by the refs in the D-II Midwest Region final.
Comment by Eric M. Little on March 21, 2009 at 11:40pm
Eric-I will be watching the games in Rapid City South Dakota,Me and my wife and two kids moved here because of an illness in her family.All I can say is thank goodness for CBS broadcasting all the games on-line, because same as last year I won't get to see the cards until the elite eight so GO CARDS!!


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