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Yuhkay's boy dishes the fans at an autograph session in the heart of redneck nation! Bow to the stuck up brow!

We went to see Davis today in Hazard. People stood in line in the cold rain for over 6 hours and didn't get his autograph. He refused to speak to any fan or look at them or shake their hand. Then he was there for only about an hour and he decides he doesn't want to do anymore so he gets up and leaves and doesn't even look up. There were MANY disappointed fans and children who were heartbroken that they didn't even have a chance to see him in real life. Miller and Kidd-Gilcbrist stayed, but only a third of the people there today got in and only a fraction got to see Davis. He used to be my favorite from this season but my opinion has changed drastically. It's obvious he didn't care about UK, the storied program, or the Big Blue Nation. The only thing he cared about was for Coach Cal to help him become a great player so he could leave after one year and make his millions. Kidd-Gilchrist and Miller today and Jones Thursday in Pikeville were so nice. I hope karma catches up to Davis!

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This statement was from a yuhkay fan...kehehehehe


You put it so well. My sentiments exactly. I am not saying this because UK is such a prime example because Duke, Syracuse and Mich St. among certain others are actively using the one and done rule to their advantage as well.

However, the one and done rule has made a mockery of higher education. Why do student athletes receive scholarships in the first place? Why was this practice intitiated. So that students without financial resources who happened to have athletic ability could earn a degree. 

By not taking advantage of a free post secondary education, the athletes are short changing themselves but too young to understand the consequences this decision entails.

As far as the UK team of this year, they hardly knew each other, they didn't mature as a team over a significant amount of time. If I were a UK fan, you don't get to see the players emerge as a freshman and develop into a senior.

How fun is it really, to win a title with semi-pro players who show up and hang around on campus for a mere  9 months?

Guess I am ole skool, but that to me is not NCAA basketball. That is some kind of expensive, bought and sold, mass produced, ww wes corporate, emCalapari bullshizz you  are selling.

Don't get it twisted BBN, what I am observing does not constitute jealousy, the word you are looking for is Disgust.

CardsRuleInKy said:



ALL UofL fans and the entire state of Kentucky, for that matter, are proud as hell of our top university in

 the state's basketball team!!! OUR(YOUR) Louisville Cardinals achieved FAR more,

 with far less, than ANY other team in the nation by reaching the final four in the NCAA tournament.

THE University of Louisville Cardinals are the STATE's team and all citizens of Kentucky are VERY,

VERY proud to honor such a GREAT program and such fine young men..............


Go CARDS!!!!!


Oh yeah, congrats to Yew-uh-kay for buying the championship with 6 NBA players too......
Bluieville said:

Liar, Liar, Neon Orange Feathers On Fire. I don't think you're a UK fan. Just A Hater. Thanks For The Cupcake Final 4. "Bout damn time we got a break. Don't get no better than playin' the pigeons in the dance. Hope you make it again next year. Good luck w/ that. Maybe Moses will part the red lane, so Siva will have somewhere to go.

 Oh, but that's right. You took Basketball season off. Worthless Orange Bandwagon Rider. Translation. (Piece of Shit.) Go flush yourself, poor sport!
kittykilla said:

This statement was from a yuhkay fan...kehehehehe
BLUIE Must not have gotten that autograph either...he is pissed!

Davis had a beauty appointment with his mother. She had to get her weave tightened and he needed a brow wax.

You are confused,

Never jealous of your two bit, country fried gay haven of a town, or sham of a NCAA program on it's best day.
TheOnlyProgram said:

uavel fans Jealous..snicker

thats our yuhkay those welfare checks just to get an autograph from a guy who could care less about them.

Did he infact play for "Pride" or all of the honorable things mentioned? Or did he play for the $200,000 grand that his father bank rolled as originally reported by O'Brien of the Chicago Sun Times? This news indicates that perhaps A.D's father does pimp him out.
Watcher said:

Well to add to this post and its content.......... Tomorrow....Lamb, Miller, and Davis are supposed to make an appearance in a county just next to the one I live in.   The business owner that is paying for them to be here told me today that Anthony Davis father called him and said that Davis would only come if he paid

( 5 times) the already agreed to price....... I ask the owner what he did, and he replied

"I paid, because he is the one everybody wants to see" but then he added, "If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have paid, that's not a good sign that he played out of pride for UK, and our state, but for the quickest way to the Money"

     I shook my head and said well that's how it is anymore.    All in all, not a good sign for the former UK star, already dissing his UK fans for the Greenbacks. Goodby you toothless hicks, see ya.  

uh ohhhhh....VAC8ED!

You know on second thought maybe Davis just doesn't feel nothing for UK and it's so called "Tradition." Davis seems to be a nice, intelligent young man. His moms must have told him if it smells like BS, then it is infact BS. Now that he has worked his way off of the UK plantation, Davis knows he is the reason UK won that title, and that he deserves to get paid if he is going to spend his time traveling around every hoot and holler in the commonwealth. Dont' get it twisted, Davis owns UK, not the other way around. 

Ha ha ha, I ain't mad at him.

Davis understands what little minds and little IQ yuhkay fans have...he has his way with them...not to mention just little people...hell....everything about them is little....GO KAYUTS!

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