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Do you remember when Teddy Bruschi ripped Chad Johnson over and over again over his use of social media?And we all know that Brady and Belichick all like to walk around like they are better than everybody else, hell they made up a rule when Brady got hurt that one year.My point is that on Sunday after my Ravens beat the Pats at home Anna Burns Welker the wife of Wes Welker went on Facebook and went on a rant about Ray Lewis.She attacked him on his having 5 children with 4 different women and of course his past legal issues.She later took down her post and put up a fake a** recant, talking about someone needing to get their a** checked.I always thought Welker was soft but dude you have your wife talking thrash on Facebook.Plus what ever happened with Ray in the past he has tried to make aminds for what he did by turning his life over to God, and by doing alot for the city and people of Baltimore.And as far as the kids go I believe that he takes care of every single one of them, one of his sons just got a scholly from Miami.But why go after Ray's past, Ben Rothlisberger raped a college girl in a bathroom while there was off duty cops around and he got off scott free.And every week we get to hear about how great he is, but we never hear any mention of him being a rapist.Something happened or the Commish would not have suspened him and told him to get his act together. Why is it that she went after Ray and not Flacco or Bolden or Pollard,as far as plays go Ray was not the reason that Baltimore beat New England on Sunday.But the better question is way is she not being called out by Bruschi,Brady and Belichick for not doing things "the Patriot way"?

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Sorry, there is one thing missing from Ray's "rehabilitation". 


He must identify those responsible for the crimes, to give the victims' families relief.


Until he does, his presentations of himself as reformed should simply be seen as PR. 


To answer your question about Ms. Welker, she isn't called out because her husband can still play; Chad was well past his prime, making him an easy target for has-beens trying to keep their faces in front of microphones.

1.  Clearly she shouldn't have posted anything about any of the Ravens - it was sour grapes and low rent for sure.

2.  The Patriots have been the gold standard for what it means to be a sucessful NFL franchise for the last decade.

3.  She ripped him for having 6 kids with 4 different women.  I'm not sure how you spin that to be a good thing.

4.  Ray Lewis was a legal accomplice to murder.  That's not in dispute and again, I'm not sure how you can spin that to be anything other than the horrible thing that it is.  Whatever good deeds he has done after that are great but, he can't unring that bell.

5.  How do you know that her apology wasn't sincere?  How do you know that she wasn't "ripped" by the Patriots for her use of social media?

6.  If you think that Welker is soft - you've never played football.  The guy is 5'9" - 185lb and goes over the middle to take hits from guys like Lewis all of the time.  He also by the way, has had three consecutive 110-reception seasons (and has five total), is the first receiver in NFL history with at least three 110-reception seasons, and the first with five 100-reception seasons. Welker has been selected to the Pro Bowl, the All-Pro Team, or both, in every season of his Patriots career.  Pretty good for being "soft".

7.  I'm not sure how highlighting that Rothlisberger is a scumbag, makes Lewis look any better.

8.  She went after Lewis because he has made himself (through play and his interest in getting in front of the camera) the face of the Ravens.


I'll say this, he is certainly one of the, if not the best MLB to play in the NFL, and he's earned all of the TV time that he is sure to soak up in the next two weeks but, I've had enough Ray Lewis and all of his "look at me" antics to last a lifetime...  

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