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Top 10 reasons it's useless to try and educate Kittylitta - aka, the boy in the drool bubble.

10. Not surprisingly, lives in southern Indiana - as most trolls reside near bridges.

9.  Claims to be an adult but has the reading comprehension, thought cohesion and spelling ability of an 8 year old. A dumb 8 year old.

8.  Rails against the so called 47%, however is too obtuse to realize that he is part of that group. Also is too obtuse to know what "obtuse" means.

7.  Though he says he is for a strong middle class, he believes unions are evil and it members are "thugs".  He would rather buy foreign than buy a union made product. Guess he meant China's middle class.

6.  Thinks Obamacare is a socialist takeover of medicine and not a big wet kiss to the insurance business by delivering them 50 million new customers. 

5.  Believes that the government check he receives is somehow different than other entitlement payments. Though befuddled by most concepts, clearly understands the concept of "rationalization".

4.  He is too dim to realize that as a teabag conservative, most of those figures he looks up to, were the progressives of their day (see: Founders)

3.  He believes that they poor got that way by being stupid and lazy while those privileged from birth have achieved success all on their own. Thinks that it's perfectly acceptable for the wealthy to vote their economic interests but, the poor should not. Oh, and the poor shouldn't breed either.

2.  He could not articulate the principles of socialism if his life depended on it but, is convinced that Obama is one. He's probably From Kenya too.

1.  He is willfully stupid. Regardless of facts to the contrary, he will cling to pure opinion and use rhetoric instead of well-thought response as defense when the fallacy of his "logic" is exposed. He constructed his drool bubble to specifically keep his opinions in, and those pesky facts out.

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And he was going to ignore the Killa. Now thats stupid. Hehehehe
11. Isn't smart enough to realize the difference between, being talked ABOUT, and being talked to.
LMAO...You can't ignore the Killa. If you are talking about me, then you aren't ignoring me. I am in your mind little boy.
you forgot number 11...I am already smarter than you....kehehehehe
12. Is unable to organize his thoughts well enough to place into a single post, thus requiring him to utilize multiple posts (mini brain farts) to express himself.
but it pisses you off...kehehehehe

13.  Has delusions of self-importance causing him to be unable to intuit that he is far too insignificant to cause any real anger and instead, he is simply being toyed with and laughed at for being so dumb. Keep up the inane retorts dummy - we can all use more laughter at your expense...

He so mad!

Ha ha ha ha ha

Yank - this idiot keeps mumbling over and over about some question that you and I are "ducking". I haven't had any direct contact with him for over a week so I don't but, do you have any any idea what he's talking about?

GO Yankees said:

Ha ha ha ha ha him Yanks....ha ha ha ha

I answered the question, Killa it's not my fault you didn't understand the answer.

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