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The More Things change...The More They Stay The Same..

I remember when Lil Brother joined the now dead Big Least..Yard signs,billboards ,pom poms..crap I think Turtleneck had a  parade..Now that the league is on life support and uavel is begging anyone to rescue them..No Takers..

Small fan base...TV Market dominated by UK..High School Stadium .what does Lil Brother offer a conference..? Dunno..Nobody seems interested..SEC...Nope They have the State School Big 12...Texas and Oklahoma are giants compared to puny uavel..

Really who wants The Red Pigeons..Scummy Adulterous Baskeyball Coach that cannot deliver on the court or on the table..snicker..

Looks like rough times for Lil Brother..Stay tuned They may be back in Conference USA..

Ain't karma a bitch?

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"Stay tuned They may be back in Conference USA"


They're already back in Conference USA!

The new Big Least with the exit of all of the originals and addition of every Small Ball program you can find IS C-USA...part 2!

give it time, we grow more powerful every year and it is killing you! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!  3-0    9-1


Really the fact that uk has a garbage arse football program proves evident that you uk clowns don't know anything about college football.The only thing driving these conference realignments is TV MONEY PLAIN AND SIMPLE.Do you really believe that the Pac really added Utah and Colorado because they had such outstanding football and basketball teams?No they added them for the TV revenue plain and simple, why did the Big10 take Nebraska, when we all know that OSU and Michigan and Penn St is all anyone talks about when it comes to the Big 10.They took them for their TV market because once you cross through Mizzo country everyone else is pretty much a Nebraska fan because they are just about the only Div-1 team around.The only thing holding UL back from getting invited anywhere is the big blue anchor hanging around our necks which is your garbage arse football program.Because uk has not stepped up it's game on the football side of things like UL has tried to, the powers that be still thinks of Kentucky has a basketball only state.And all of this moving around is being driven by football money not basketball money,so UL is not getting an invite to the Big 12 or the ACC because the conferences don't think that the eyes will be on the TV screens come football season.

snicker womens rowing...lacrosse..Spare Me the B/S  Commuter College

CardsRuleInKy said:

UofL - Top 25 national rankings in 9 different sports!


Yew-uh-kay - Ummmm,.....2???  3??? maybe,........kekekekekekekeke

Dsh you made some good points I will not go so far to blame uk for UL SOS, but the fact that the "big boys" still don't respect the TV viewers in this state is something that can not be denied.The point that I was trying to make was because uk has not put the money behind their football program by hiring a "big" name coach and updating it's facilites and not taking advantage of the SEC east while Georgia and Tenn were done.Now that Vandy has improved and AtM and Mizzo have joined the conference uk has lost any window that it had to become relevant in the SEC East.Because of things like UL's academic status, the perception that all we care about in Kentucky is basketball is the reason that the Big 12 and the ACC is dragging it's feet to give us an invite.I just want what uk has a stable positon in a good conference, I am 41 years old so I am old enough to remember the old Metro conference and UL football not even being in a conference.

Big Least..almost dead...

There is only 1 thing that UL has that I covet... Tom Jurich. If UK had him, they would own college athletics. He is a master at getting financial support from fans & boosters. Eastern/Western/Central/Northern Kentucky has many wealthy donors, but an university must have a man like Tom Jurich to be able to persuade them to contribute, and persuade he can! I have been a life long UK fan, but have donated almost $75,000.00 to UL since Tom has been there, and not a penny to UK. I have 4 season football tickets and 4 season basketball tickets, and have never set foot in Yum! Arena. Simply not a UL fan, but a HUGE Tom Jurich fan. Fire Barnyard, hire Jurich at UK!

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