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News out of the NCAA is that it has been determined that NCAA investigators "improperly" obtained evidence they were using in the miami case that has alleged ties to Clint Hurtt.  Apparently, investigators used depositions from bankruptcy proceedings involving Nevin Shapiro. 


An outside firm has been hired to review all of the process.  Here is the link



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I hear Vanetta talking about this briefly on the way home from work this afternoon and appreciate the info. It will be interesting to see how this will all shake out.


I don't think he's out of the woods by any means but depending on how sketchy the methods used, they might just have to fold up the investigation to save the public embarrassment. I'm still betting he eventually is canned over it though.

After reading numerous accounts and listening to radio sports talk I am not so sure Coach Hurtt has all that much to worry about.We all know TJ and CS are extremely loyal to their staffs.

"If there is any information that was obtained improperly absolutely it would be thrown out," Emmert said on the teleconference following the announcement.

This new development could to be good news for Miami -- already two postseason bans deep into its self-imposed sanctions -- as the NCAA's case could be weakened during the review. If information obtained in Shapiro's bankruptcy case is now off-limits for the NCAA investigation, the enforcement staff might not be able to provide its own evidence to support allegations that have, essentially, already been made.

"I am frustrated, disappointed and concerned by President Emmert's announcement today that the integrity of the investigation may have been compromised by the NCAA staff," Miami president Donna Shalala said in response to the announcement.

"As we have done since the beginning, we will continue to work with the NCAA and now with their outside investigator hoping for a swift resolution of the investigation and our case."

The new development in this case also means that former Miami coaches, like Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith and current Louisville assistant head football coach Clint Hurtt, might be in better shape than we previously thought.

Ruh-Roh!!!! I will bet there are some You O'Kay fans, and Coaches, weeping loudly today!!!!

KSR is on full meldown this AM and Matt Gay Boy Toy Jones is crying on his boytoys shoulders!!

In a true testament to what a messed up organization it is, the NCAA is now investigating its own enforcement program after uncovering an issue of improper conduct that occurred during the University of Miami investigation. According to a release from the NCAA’s national office, former NCAA enforcement staff members worked with the criminal defense attorney for Nevin Shapiro to improperly obtain information for the purposes of the NCAA investigation through a bankruptcy proceeding. Several news outlets are reporting that the NCAA actually had Shapiro’s attorney, Marie Elena Perez, on their payroll to work on depositions in a federal bankruptcy case in order determine NCAA violations.

As a result, NCAA President Mark Emmert has called for an external review of the entire enforcement program, which will include a review of the issue at hand and “the overall enforcement environment, to ensure operation of the program is consistent with the essential principles of integrity and accountability.” Emmert released these remarks in an official release on the NCAA’s website:

“To say the least, I am angered and saddened by this situation. Trust and credibility are essential to our regulatory tasks. My intent is to ensure our investigatory functions operate with integrity and are fair and consistent with our member schools, athletics staff and, most importantly, our student-athletes.”

While the NCAA conducts the review, they will stop investigating the University of Miami “until all the facts surrounding this issue are known.” That means that UofL assistant Clint Hurtt and Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith may be off the hook, as Emmert pledged that any information that was obtained improperly would be thrown out.

Teee Heee Heeee!!

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