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Looks like Jason Hatcher may be headed to the DARK SIDE.

Reports are Jason cancelled his visit last weekend to U of L and will not be meeting U of L coaches before signing day.
Insiders have him now signing with (cough) (cough) Yewkay.

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The USC Rivals’ site says tonight that 4 star Trinity DE Jason Hatcher
has “recommitted to USC” this evening.

Looks like USC beat out UL and UK after all...

After what could only be described as a very eventful past few days for Trinity High School (Louisville, KY) defensive end Jason Hatcher, the 4-star prospect has finally made up his mind as to where he will spend his college days.

In a case of "recruiting deja vu," Hatcher will return from where he came, as it is being reported by various outlets—as well as Hatcher's tweets themselves—that the big defensive lineman has re-committed to the Trojans.

And's Avinash Kunnath reports that this time, Hatcher looks "like he is back for good."

For USC, this is very welcome news indeed—while they are still in the hunt for some big-time recruits, nothing is for certain.

As for Hatcher, his week-long odyssey ends after decommitting from the Trojans, then returning to USC after recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron flew across the country for a sit-down with the young man and his mother.

Bleacher Report 01-30-2013

And as usual:

BGF Says:

I hope this is true. Of all the top players at trinity, this is the one I would want least to wear UK Blue.

"We never did not want him no how no way" is the standard response when a kid shuns You O'Kay...

Yea Connie, that is coming from USC but his family is saying they aren't sure. Time will tell. I would much rather him go to USC than yewkay also.

Indecision will drive some people crazy,

I hope he makes the decision that is best for him.

Multiple USC sites now reporting that Jason Hatcher has decommitted from
USC and will not sign with the Trojans tomorrow.

The drama continues.....

Yewkay is the leader. Hope the kid does whats best for him
Some kids just want to get away from their hometown. Not that I would agree with his decision to go to uk but, I think that walking away from the mess at USC is definitely in his best interests. Give Stupes credit for being able to vulture in and get the kid. As I've said before, it would have been nice to have him at Louisville but, I'm much more concerned that CS is strong in FLA than KY.

Best of luck to the kid where ever he signs.

The only reason a kid this good would even consider playing for a sucky loser such as UK has only got to do with HOW MUCH is in the envelope he is handed.......LOL   Remember that?


Keith Johnson said:

I wish him the best with his decision as well; but for the life of me, I just don't get why a kid would want to play for the perennial SEC whoopin' boy/homecoming queen.

CardinalConnie said:

Best of luck to the kid where ever he signs.

I for one hope yewkay starts putting a decent team on the field. It will only help U of L's RPI. Plus it is good for football in the state if both teams are competitive. Besides, yewkay fans can stop saying.....BCS = Basketball Coming Soon.

Stoops better hope and pray he can put a decent string of wins together SOON with this recruiting class that is one of UKs best....otherwise he will be looking for work with Joker!

Just reading the UK blogs will tell you their fans are expecting an SEC Championship in two years.

Even with the highest rated class in school history, the Cats still ranked 13th
out of the 14 teams in the SEC today and Mark Stoops has yet to win one game in
Blue.Yet Boy Toy Matt Jones is having an orgasm and crowing like UK just beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl!!

Let's see if he can beat WKU first......


I for one have no idea why Hatcher made his decision to go to UK; absent any evidence, I would hesitate to suggest any payola.  (Let's face it, if we were to look for such things, I'd have to believe Lane Kiffen's "budget" is larger than Stoops'.)

If I had to guess, it would be the opportunity for immediate playing time.

In any case, I think it's time to just wish the young man the best, and do our best to whoop that @ss for four years!

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