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Don't you just love the way U of L players are on the cover of most major magazines?

Better yet... There is no mention of Calamari and his losers from Lessington! The yewkay . fans flew that National Champs flag all during football season because they couldn't fly anything to do with the pigskin sport. What will they fly now?

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Well that is true creeker. Lol. What can I say. Its just that yewkay fans were so embarrassed by that football team they had to do something
Other than yewkay womens basketball, what other sport did they go far in?

1986 says it all bitch..

Ha ha ha,

Corey has all but little to worry about.

I've got 99 problems and SI ain't one of them. 
Steven said:

Okay, now Sports Illustrated is just getting ridiculous.

by @ 9:00 am. Filed under Blue Blooded Opinions

You got some ‘splainin to do.

I mentioned yesterday evening that Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis made a list of his favorite moments from the last year in college hoops, and was perturbed that Kentucky didn’t make the list.  Not once.  Not for winning the title, or having ridiculous draft success, or beating their in-state rival in the Final Four, or anything like that.  It was, to me, a little stupid, especially considering that both Murray State and Western Kentucky both made the list, but hey, whatever.  It was Seth Davis’ opinion, and I guess that at least insulates the reputable magazine from his refusal to acknowledge Kentucky.

This, though, has no excuse.  This is a Bobby Knight-esque refusal to pay respect to a Kentucky player, with zero explanation given as to why. Though I am admittedly very biased, this is simply, and objectively, incorrect.

Here’s the deal: in their list of “30 Breakout Athletes” from 2012, Anthony Davis is not mentioned.

Let me repeat that: Anthony Davis is not one of SI’s “breakout athletes” of the last year.

What. The. Frick.

On the list, however, are Ronda Rousey, an MMA fighter who is probably great but I’ve never heard of before, Ricky Rubio, a guy who was drafted three years ago but just got around to finding the NBA, Andrew Luck and Manti Te’o, both players who almost won the Heisman, and Allison Schmitt, who won Olympic gold as a swimmer in the summer’s games.  Oh, and Cody Zeller and Peyton Siva.

Cody Zeller, and



Looking for reasons, SI said that Siva “was named the [Big East Tournament] MVP” after leading Louisville to victory.  Which is adorable and all, but come the heck on.  I’m pretty sure that in any rational person’s equation “Big East MVP < Final Four MOP.”  Which Anthony Davis was.  And NCAA Player of the Year certainly outstrips Zeller’s “Big Ten Player of the Year,” which SI relied on in including him.  Oh, and Allison Schmitt’s gold medal? Anthony’s got one of those, too.

If you read this, Sports Illustrated, which you probably won’t, but if you do, all I want is an explanation.  The Seth Davis thing, whatever.  It’s his opinion.  This, though, this is out of hand.  Anthony probably doesn’t care, and he shouldn’t.  He’s got his white-on-white Bentley, and is living the dream.  But we do.  I do.  What could you possibly gain by leaving him out of this list?  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you all were doing this on purpose.  I want to believe that’s not true, but I just can’t think of any other explanation.

So please, Sports Illustrated, help me understand why Anthony Davis didn’t make your list of “Breakout Athletes of 2012.”  Cause me to understand, so I can stop thinking that you’re absolutely ridiculous.

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