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Because Watching a 2-10 Football Team Practice is SO Worth it!!!

OMG!! A bottom feeder of the SEC sure thinks a LOT more of themselves than the anyone else in the nation does!!

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Your forgetting that UK football is the NCAA all-time leader in moral victories, which are better than real victories just ask Bluieville.


Joel Pett: Feb. 27

Gotta pay those State Bonds back SOMEHOW.

Now remind me guys.....exactly who's coach dressed HIS fans down for not showing proper support?

Just sayin;

Good or bad......UK fans represent.

"The Sugar Bowl, one of the nation’s most prestigious postseason games every year, will be held in the SuperDome in New Orleans on January 2. However, if it was held today, there would be about twice as many Cardinals fans as there would be members of Gator Nation.

While the Florida football team is a massive favorite on the field, Louisville’s fans are dominating in support of their program."

Louisville fans took over New Orleans, La. this week and outnumbered Florida fans in the Superdome by a great number. This is the type of support coach Charlie Strong has been fighting for since coming to Louisville three years ago.

Strong said of the fans after the game:

For them to come down from Louisville where they came from, all across  the state of Kentucky to support us the way they did our players felt so  good.  Each day when you walked out of that hotel going to practice,  they were lining up with the Cards cheer.

This is perhaps the biggest victory in Louisville football history and  sets the stage for years to come. Recruiting for Louisville is heating up and Strong is working on a new  contract after turning down the Tennessee job.

Don't be surprised next year if the Cardinals make it to a BCS game, perhaps even the national championship.

Jon Hancock is a contributor for Bleacher Report.




Kentucky had less than 19,000 fans in attendance at its final SEC home game against Vanderbilt...


So now we are to compare the attendance for the Sugar Bowl to the attendance of UK after one of its most disappointing seasons.........sounds fair to me. (rolls eyes)

Remember.....your coach, called you out for non-support.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the whole ticket selling to the spring game works, but if history has bearing on the issue....UK will have much more fan support.

Remember...Charlie said: 

 “Not to add salt to the wound, but Kentucky can travel with the Big Blue Nation, they go take over. We should have that same passion here,”

I applaud UofL fans for emulating the BBN at the behest of their very frustrated coach......good job!

No used REALITY when posting rebuttals.....

The REALITY is, I am obviously not the one who needs convincing.......that would be Mr. Strong.

And yes since you wish to cherry pick the worst attendance season ever at UK, let's take a look shall we? The numbers are about the same as UofL attendance figures for 2009 (32,448) coming off the similarly dismal Steve Kragthorpe era. What we don't know is whether UofL had the fortitude to announce actual ticket swipes, or tickets sold as many schools do.

The difference here is that UK fans were sending a message to the AD that they were very unhappy with the direction the program was heading..........exactly what message was being sent to Charlie Strong and the UofL AD last spring?

UK fans message resulted in a invigorated program which will surely blast UofL attendance out of the water this coming season.....UofL fans message just pi$$ed the new HC off.

Uk fans will rock Commonwealth this season based solely on the premise that the program is headed in the right direction. That folks is reality.


Seems like the only time PPJ is full is when UK comes to town......imagine that.

Actually, BC, Charlie awarded the game ball to the UofL fans after the Sugar Bowl win for showing so much support. I'm not sure how the final numbers turned out, but I read a release that Cards fans showed up in much bigger numbers than Florida fans that were supporting the #3 team in the nation, even when Louisville was coming off a few tough losses and the proximity is more favorable for Florida fans.


Edit- Just found it. Louisville- 15,000   Florida- 7,000


If that's not showing support, I don't know what is.

I used actual numbers....not swipes.

I have to admit....UofL fans did show for the bowl.

Maybe Charlie won't ask you guys to act more like us this spring.


Nice jab. lol.


Strong has openly said that he wants fans to be in their seats earlier and show more support, and I totally agree with him. We def owe that to him now.

And I expect he'll get it based on his accomplishments.

Stoops has some work to do....but I will be there once again. Us UK fans love the abuse.

BC, you are correct, as we UK fans take a lot of abuse as proved on this site.  Does not matter, we keep on cheering for our team as that is what True Blue Fans do; we live through the bad times knowing that good times are around the corner. I am sure that the good UL fans feel the same way about their team and that is how it is supposed to be, IMO. I feel that fans will be filling Commonwealth this fall as we are excited and feel that Stoops is the right man for the job. A couple of my friends/family buy extra seats and have always been able to sell the tickets when they do not take a friend.

BTW, don't you love the way our BB team has shown that they can play without Noel.  I am so impressed with all our guys as they seem to be playing with a lot of heart and  having a lot of fun. Goodwin actually was laughing and seemed to be having a good time; won't be the NC, but sure proud of the way that Cal has made adjustments and the team is listening. Cheers!

Bluecreeker said:

And I expect he'll get it based on his accomplishments.

Stoops has some work to do....but I will be there once again. Us UK fans love the abuse.

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