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Alan Zukof (ULBandAlum) replied to Bluecreeker's discussion 'Bill O’Reilly, and the fallout from a race baiting Calipari hater.' in the group The Sports Nomads Forum
"OK, try this on for size: star UK athlete becomes a beloved administrator at U of L.  You booting him out of BBN? I'm not making this up -- I'm talking about the late David H. Lawrence, U of L's longtime dean of students and a…"
14 minutes ago
Alan Zukof (ULBandAlum) replied to OLDTRAINER's discussion 'Spring, Summer Sports & Things of Interest:' in the group The Sports Nomads Forum
"Every fan base has its lunatic fringe.... "
25 minutes ago
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Are you running in any of the KDF marathons on Saturday?

Road closures for Derby Fesitval marathons

A number of streets in Louisville will be closed or designated for no parking starting Friday ahead of Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and miniMarathon. Both races start at 7:30 a.m. after…

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U of L's $39 million extension with adidas helps recruiting, represents stability and brings in $7.7 million in cash:

Louisville athletics lands $39 million deal with adidas

The University of Louisville's athletic department will at 2 p.m. Thursday make a

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TheGatorMan replied to Gary Cooper's discussion 'S-W-E-E-P'
"The year of the KenChokey is on! Stay tuned little gary, the little cats will choke before it is all said and done. It is just the way the pussy cats roll.  "
Charles Finley replied to Gary Cooper's discussion 'S-W-E-E-P'
"UK is still clearly jealous of that feat. They'll never do it. NEVER."
Gary Cooper replied to Gary Cooper's discussion 'S-W-E-E-P'
"year of the TARDINAL is subject..snicker"
sam replied to Gary Cooper's discussion 'S-W-E-E-P'
"UK was a Top 5 team last year considered a lock for the College World Series, then they lost 20 of their last 25 games. Did they go to the NIT in baseball too? Cards went to the College World Series after knocking off top seed Vanderbilt. The Year…"
Charles Finley replied to Charles Finley's discussion 'Big Sister Basketball Falls to Team Louisville Beat THREE TIMES.'
"Yewkay. After shitting the bed against the 3rd place AAC team that Louisville smoked 3 times. And on national TV. And with "the greatest recruiting class of all time." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... oh, the tears of BBN are so sweet. "
Charles Finley replied to Gary Cooper's discussion 'S-W-E-E-P'
"Lulz. Baseball? Isn't that the sport where UK is moderately decent all season until it matters? Yewkay gets its licks in now... then gets embarrassed when they flameout with no postseason. I'd rather watch that. Who cares if they win in…"
sam replied to CardinalConnie's discussion 'Rupps Dump Gets NO money from the Legislature.'
"So it's bankrupt arena? LOL no more lipstick for that pig, time to swindle the coal miners....oops nevermind LOUISVILLE FIRST! CARDS FOREVER!"
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"He took some licks," Walter Whitlow said by telephone on Wednesday afternoon. "He matured and it made him tougher, but it's hard to get better when you're under siege on seven out of 10 plays."

Jalen Whitlow’s father knows the pain of son’s decision


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Jalen Whitlow says " Get me off this sinking ship!"

Whitlow, who started 15 games the last 2 seasons sees yewkay going in the same direction....DOWN!!!!KeheheheheheheContinue

Started by kittykilla in UK Football on Wednesday.

YAHTZEE!!!!!!! Former Kentucky pledge verbals to the Crimson Tide...Eustis says NO! 3 Replies

Ship is sinking!!!  4 in a row coming in NovemberBend over Grover!!!!!keheheheheheheheContinue

Just so we U of L fans know what's expected....Grover? 3 Replies

Does Bobby P take a knee against yewkay in November or is it okay to run up the score?????KeheheheheheheheheContinue

S-W-E-E-P 8 Replies

First Basketnall..Then Softball..Now Baseball..Gotta be good at something..Little Brother..Ooops  Hiring Adulterers..Bingo..…Continue


til SEXtino or SCUMtrino do something stupid I am taking an extended vacation from you pond scum..but when Lil Brother screws up..I'll be back to make your poor menial lives a living HELL.SNICKER…Continue

Buh Bye Boo Boo 5 Replies

I guess Grover Boo Boo will go back into hiding now that his beloved THUGtucky team has lost their 11th game of the season last night. Some coaching job by Teflon John. Better luck coaching the…Continue

Lexghanistan a white trash war-zone!!! 5 Replies

The local degenerates burn couches and destroy property after UK goes belly up to UConn. According to WHAS 11 over 30 arrests, multiple injuries, reports of rednecks destroying street signs and other…Continue

Big Sister Basketball Falls to Team Louisville Beat THREE TIMES. 13 Replies

I guess beating a team that the Cards whipped 3 times by a blowout-level average of 18 points was just something the "Greatest Recruiting Class of All Time" just couldn't manage.Oh well, at least the…Continue

WHERE IS GARY?????? 13 Replies

Gary is on the eve of a huge game for his little cats and he is nowhere to be found.Consider the possibilities:1. He is mad at us.2. He is tired of being your punching bag.3. He is scared that lucky…Continue

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